General Information

Prepress Capabilities

Our Prepress Department accept graphic files from Mac or PC via  CD or through e-mail to our Art Department

We accept files generated in Adobe  as well as Adobe PDF Files – Illustrator files are preferred.

Please attach or outline any unique fonts.

Feel free to e-mail our Art Department with any questions regarding acceptable formats or other artwork requirements.

Custom Capabilities

Short, Medium, and Especially Long Run of thermal, laser, and EDP label & tag production.

Wide and narrow web label & tag production in roll, jumbo roll, sheeted, and fanfold form.
Ten color capabilities for front and back printing – any PMS colors.

Labels & Tags produced using all commercially available materials with the exception of foils.

Over 10,000 dies on hand.
Static and variable imaging of bar codes and consecutive numbering.

NEW: RFID label capabilities.

Vinyl Hang Tag & Shelf Talker labels & tags for retail shelf marking.

Stock Terms: EDP, Laser & Thermal

Payment Terms 1% 10 Days, Net 30 Days. Accounts with invoices aged beyond 45 days may be placed on credit hold.

Prepaid Accounts will be assessed a 3% Service Charge ($3 Minimum) on all orders. Invoices aged beyond Terms will be charged a 1-1/2% Late Fee.

No Charge for split shipments with two shipping points. For each additional shipping point, add a $5.00 charge.

Quantities ordered must be in full box quantities.

RETURNS: Full box quantities only, 15% Restocking charge / $20.00 Minimum, Product must be returned within 6 months of invoice date / Direct Thermal Labels must be returned within 90 Days of invoice date.

All multiwide EDP labels have vertical perforations between rows except cheshire labels which have no vertical perfs.

Stock product may be shipped F.O.B. from any Data-Label location.