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4" x 6-1/2"
Label Dimension:
Width and Depth: 4" x 6-1/2"
Repeat Down: 6-5/8"
Labels / Roll: Style Number Dependent
Rolls / Box: Style Number Dependent
Labels / Box: Style Number Dependent
Weight (lbs.) / Box: Style Number Dependent
Face Stock: Style Number Dependent
Liner: Style Number Dependent
Adhesive: Style Number Dependent
Printer Applications
Thermal Transfer
Standard Format: STT-4-65 *
STT-4-65P **
Fanfolded: TT-4-65PF
Tinted: TTT-4-65P ** & ***
Thermal Transfer Tag: STT-4-65PT
Removable Adhesive In: SRTT-4-65P *

Direct Thermal
Preimum grade: PDT-4-65P *
Industrial grade: IDT-4-65P
* Item Available W/O a 'P' At The End Of The Style Number Have No Perfs Between Labels.
** Item Specified With a 'P' At The End Of The Style Number Have A Perf Between Each Label.
*** Item Available in 5 Colors.
Blue (PMS 290), Green (PMS 358), Orange (PMS 136), Pink (PMS 196), & Yellow (PMS 101)

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